23 November 2011

I'm sorry for being away all this time but since I got a new job and I hadn't literally time for photos or sewing until now.

Le Jour B will be next week and I already have a bunch of dresses to sell on the event.
It's my first time going to Paris so imagine how excited I am n_n

This is the first dress I will be selling at the event and I named it "Violet".
I know it doesn't make any sense at all since the set is completly pink but I have a reason for it. The place where I toke the photos is a cafe in London called Violet and it's located in Dalston. It's probably one of my favourites cafes after Vintage Emporium so I cheer up everyone go there for dolly meetings.

47 Wilton Way
London E8 3ED

17 September 2011

Summer is officially gone is The UK and I just want to wear black&white clothing.
I have been sewing many new things these past weeks and this dress is my favourite
so far but I can´t make it for sale because
it´s so Hanon & by.echo* inspired.

Actually I hate my sewing since I don´t want to be a copycat :(

04 September 2011


I have this new ¨Mori Antique¨ set for sale now.I added two black pearls on the front to make it more sofisticated, hope you like it.

You can order it through my etsy store clicking *here* or emailing me right away to adrian_ulpgc@yahoo.es

thanks so much

24 August 2011

Hello friends!
It´s has been a very long time that I don´t update this blog and the thing is I have had so many things going on in my life lately.

Altough this is my Les filles #5 for sale, I have been sewing other things these past months.You can have a look at them on my flickr clicking *here*

The outfit is $35 plus shipping and you can order it emilaing me at: adrian_ulpgc(at)yahoo.es


20 December 2010

Thank you so much everyone who picked one,I´m so happy they were gone that fast!THANK YOU!
And for those who didn´t get the chance to buy one,don´t feel very sad,Les filles is coming very very soon!

hugs to all!

16 December 2010

The very first outfit I made under Les Filles consist in a dress,a pair of socks and a scarf which cost $35 shipping include everywhere.The straw hat on the photos can be buy as well by commision just in case you buy the outfit on etsy and it price is $35 each one.I will up photos of the socks and scarf later on here.

The outfits will be available tomorrow at 17:00pm on my etsy shop:

Drop me a line at: adrian_ulpgc(at)yahoo.es for inquiries.

For more pictures of the outfit see my flickr clicking *here*


Les Filles is doll clothe brand which borned from the influence of japanese,european and american doll dress makers.My purpose with Les filles is to dress dolls around the world,especially blyhte dolls.

I took the name of ¨Les filles¨ from the song Laisse tomber les filles of France Gall which quickly inspired me to use it like the motto to represent things I love in doll outfits.

Inspiration for Les filles comes from victorian vignettes,french music,cakes,pastels colours,flowers,laces and everything in between.

I just hope you love Les filles as much as I love creating it.